28pcs Police Station Play Set

  • Police Station Playset with a working car lift, ramps & a helipad.
  • 2 pcs 1:64 Scale diecast police cars & helicopter. 
  • Part of the fun of this police playset is putting the police station and helicopter pad together; with just under 28 pieces to assemble, crafty DIY kidlets will have a blast working with friends to create the police station, while building confidence and pride in their work!


Jumbo Parking Garage

  • Jumbo Parking Garage playset is four levels of parking garage awesomeness! This toy garage comes with five 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles.
  • So Much to Explore!
  • At the centre of the Jumbo Garage is a elevator, it carries cars between different floors and releases them onto a track.
  • Cars down through the 4 levels on the ramps!
  • Features double exit ramps for racing, car lift, elevator, a car wash, road lamp, petrol pumps, road block, fences and different road signs.