Color Change Single Car

  • COLOR CHANGING - This Color Changing Cars allow kids simply submerge their toy car into warm water to watch the magic and vibrant color change happen before their eyes.
  • Plunge the car into cold  water to change it back to its original colour again.  
  • Enhance the creative play experience for your little one!


Single Car

  • Collect automotive themed (1:64 Scale) die cast vehicles ranging from sports cars, race cars, and trending roadsters. 
  • Choose your favorite and collect them all or pick and choose from different collections to create your very own!
  • 12 different colors and styles assorted. 
  • Free Wheeling.


5 Pack Car Set

  • 4 styles assorted.
  • Each toy car in the 5 Pack is featured at 1:64 scale, with realistic details and authentic decor.
  • This multipack makes a great gift for kids of all ages.
  • Styles may vary.


10pcs Action Play Set

  • 3 styles assorted. (Police, Fire and Construction theme)
  • Each set includes 2 pcs 1:64 Scale diecast vehicle, trailers, figurines, road signs & barricades etc…..
  • Fast running wheels with authentic decorations.


Soft Felt Playmat with 2 Vehicles

  • 4 styles assorted.
  • Includes 2 pcs 1:64 Scale die cast cars.
  • The colorful playmat is made with felt fabric. Playmat size : 70 cm x 70 cm. 
  • 4 Playmats can be joined together to create your own city.