Car Service Centre

  • A complete play scenario for all your die cast vehicles in a self contained carry case. Unfold to set up two ramps, gas pumps, service lift, ramp to car wash and rotatable action.  
  • This playset comes with 1 pc 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles. 
  • For transformers to create a complete play set for all 1:64 scale vehicles. 


Car Carry Case Play Set

  • Set includes 2 pcs 1:64 Scale die cast sport car and fun play accessories. 
  • Unfold to set up two ramps in transforming into car wash & gas station.
  • Have 12 compartments for cars storage.
  • The truck carry case comes with a sturdy handle.
  • Inspire hours of fun with this Car Carry Case Playset, perfect for playing at home or on the move.